David Fisher Ketubah (Light Blue)

439.00 $



Our store offers numerous ketubah designs you can look into, and one of many people’s favorites is the ‘David Fisher Ketubah’. This fantastic alternative, also called ‘David Fisher Ketubah ,’ can highlight the connection you have to your Jewish roots and guarantee that you have an unforgettable wedding day.


Getting the David Fisher Ketubah means you’re buying a beautiful pastiche color and texture item, which is radiant and can transmit the love you share with your partner. Doves of peace bless this one-of-a-kind marriage contract, and it can be exactly what you need to make your wedding day unique.


The artist used Gouache to make the David Fisher Ketubah a marvelous product, and now it can be yours. Contact us and personalize it with all the details of your marriage – you don’t need to wait any longer! This beautiful marriage contract can represent the love and respect you and your partner share, so get your hands on it as soon as possible!


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