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Jerusalem Tree of Life Ketubah

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  • jerusalem tree of life ketubah
    • The Tree of Life is a symbolic representation of the natural order of the world. It shows how everything is interconnected and interdependent, with each living thing having its place in the scheme of things. The tree’s roots are in Heaven, from which all grace flows; its trunk is the symbol of man’s earthly nature, and its branches represent the Holy Spirit as it inspires a man to reach ever upwards to his spiritual goals.

    • This ketubah is an instant heirloom that will last for generations to come: a timeless, meaningful addition to your family’s legacy . This ketubah is instantly personalized with three names and a date. We’ll make it in the color of your choice. A ketubah is a traditional Jewish marriage certificate, also known as a “ketubah”, which serves as evidence of Jewish marriage and is an instant heirloom that will last for generations to come.

    • All artwork is hand-drawn and designed exclusively for Ruth Rudin Ketubahs, bringing you the most elegant Judaica available.


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