helping you find the best ketubah for your Jewish wedding

Who Am I?

I am committed to helping you find the best ketubah for your Jewish wedding, and I know how important the process is for you, so I want to make sure that you enjoy it and choose something you love. My place of birth is Hungary, and I became Baal Tsuva in 1996. Choosing religous changed my life, and it’s why I want to make sure that I help others change theirs as well. I moved to Israel and became a Rabbi, and after some time, I got married to my wife from California, the Golden State.  The past five years have been immensely significant for me because I have found my new path in life. After studying to become a professional in SEO and other digital services, I decided to start offering them to others who might need them.


However, my life truly changed when I chose to reorient my digital business and combine it with my love – Judaism. After funding this store, I knew that I would not only be happier but also that I would get to help couples find their ideal ketubah.

Therefore, I value truthfulness, love, justice, opportunities, and respect. I want to guarantee that every couple I meet gets the chance to pick their perfect ketubah, and that is my promise to you.

If you take a look at our ketubah offers, you might find the ideal one for you. However, if you can’t locate one you love, don’t worry – contact me and I’ll make sure you get the one you’ve always dreamed of.